European International Business Coalition

Welcome to the European International Business Coalition - Formerly the European ISS IBC. IBC A large number of companies belong to the group of the valued suppliers to the European elements of the International Space Station (ISS).

It is the successful delivery of their products and services that have made this outstanding project a reality. To further raise the profile of their contributions, the European ISS Business Club (IBC) has been established under the aegis of the European Space Agency (ESA).

The purpose of this club is to offer all companies and entities involved in the design, development, operation and utilisation of the European elements of the ISS an attractive business-to-business platform and a forum for promotion activities. The IBC offers the Members of the European ISS Business Club a wide range of unique services that are exclusively available through the Secretariat. These include: participating in various business-to-business events, to receive exclusive visual material as well as printed matters, just to name a few benefits.

Furthering the Mission

The mission of the original ISS IBC has been updated. While still focusing on the International Space Station, we are now a "coalition" for the improvement of global trade and international business.

While setting our sites on the ISS project was a lofty goal, we, and our members, realized that the ISS was more than a singular target; it is a truly global effort that depends on the co-operation of organizations across the globe. While many of these organizations specialize in the aerospace industries, due to global economies, it has become difficult to say which organizations only work in this field. Therefore, it was decided upon to expand the reach and scope of our organization, to include all of the global industries.

We will be offering membership to international firms, and will be offering business consulting through our North American business partner, MonMan. While you may still register through our website to join the program, if you are located in the North American region, you should also contact MonMan for local and regional business outreach programs.

As always, you may contact us through the online form, or if you are already a member, you may contact your assigned liason for further information.