The European IBC was founded with the original intent to bring together member organisations in the aerospace industry, with a close focus on the International Space Station (Hence, ISS IBC - International Business Club).

This makes quite logical since. Space travel is often seen as the "final frontier", and many experts believe that when the next great space race happens, it will be able to pull the world economy out of the great recession of the last 7 years.

Futhermore, it became quickly obvious that a focus on the International Space Station was actually a focus on nearly every industry in today's business climate. Despite the obvious industries involved in the construction, supply and maintenance of the space station, the scientific knowledge garnered from hundreds of experiments conducted over the years have an impact on nearly any and all industry.

The economic and societal impact of the ISS is much greater than the collective of member organizations which design, build, test and use space travel technology.

While our passion has and always will be for the space industry and the ISS, we simply cannot ignore the enormous impact this industry has had, and will have, on the rest of the world. We beleive the ISS will prove to be the impetus, the reason we as a society are able to move forward into the next chapter of our history.